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Special Screening “Kolonel Bunker” by Kujtim Çashku

Special Screening “Kolonel Bunker” by Kujtim Çashku

Special Screening in cooperation with OTTOnomy

This screening is part of the ancillary events for the photo exhibition American Presidents and Albanian Relations: A Retrospective through the Lens of George Tames, Albanian-American Photojournalist for the New York Times.

Kolonel Bunker” directed by Kujtim Çashku
Albania – France – Poland – 1996 – 104 min
Cast: Agim Qirjaqi, Anna Nehrebecka, Çun Lajçi, Guljem Radoja, Kadri Roshi, etc…


Synopsis: Albania,1974. Muro Neto, charged with defending the nation against the “invisible enemy,” decides that “bunkerization” is the only means of resisting surprise attack. Colonel Bunker, “supreme defender of the nation” and monster apparatchik, is born. He has around 800,000 bunkers built, annihilating everything in his path and turning a blind eye to trials and executions. Meanwhile, his wife, powerless, witnesses the gradual worsening of his raging paranoia.


Awards & Nominations:

  • Critics Prize, Bastia Mediterranean Film Festival – France, 1996
  • Jury Award International Film Festival – Izmir – Turkey, 1997
  • Grand Award Euro Film Festival of Saint-Etienne – France, 1998
  • Premium – CICT-IFTC UNESCO Award – Mostra Cinematographica di Venecia, Italy, 1998
  • First Prize National Festival of Albanian Film, Albania, 2000
  • Official Competition – International Film Festival of Montreal, Canada, 1997
  • Official Selection to Academy Awards, Oscars 1996 for Best Foreign Language Film Award – Los Angeles, USA
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