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KRABAT nga Marco Kreuzpaintner

KRABAT nga Marco Kreuzpaintner

In cooperation with the Goethe-Zentrum in Tirana


Directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner
120 min – 2006
Në gjermanisht me subtitrat anglisht

“KRABAT is an ambitious work with an uncanny atmosphere which is maintained throughout. The film also has a strong narrative and remains faithful to its Eastern European roots without trying to steal the wind from the sails of the Harry Potter series.”
From, by Jan Hamm.


Bavarian Film Award 2008 in the category “Best Young People’s Film”.
Rated “of particular merit” by the Film Rating Centre in Wiesbaden.

Cast: David Kross (Krabat), Daniel Brühl (Tonda), Christian Redl (Meister), Robert Stadlober (Lyschko), Paula Kalenberg (Kantorka), Anna Thalbach (Worschula), Hanno Koffler (Juro), Charly Hübner (Michal), Moritz Grove (Merten), Tom Wlaschiha (Hanzo)…

A voice in a dream lures the 14-year-old orphan Krabat to a mill shrouded in mystery, where he is taken on as an apprentice by a sinister master. Alongside eleven other lads, he finds himself learning not just the miller’s craft but eventually also the arts of black magic. However, this comes at a high price: every New Year’s Eve one of the students must forfeit his life since this is the only way their master, who has made a pact with Death, can extend his own life for another year. Krabat, however, begins to break away from this fateful power struggle. His inner strength, a shrewd friend and the love of a girl help him banish the dark shadows that have long been cast over this place and its inhabitants.

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