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Holocaust Memorial Day – 15th Edition

Holocaust Memorial Day – 15th Edition

On the occasion of the International Holocaust Memorial Day, 15th Edition in Albania, the Embassy of Israel in Albania and the Academy of Film & Multimedia Marubi had the pleasure to present the screening of the film

“The Return from the Other Planet”

A documentary directed by Assaf Lapid

Israel, Germany –  Documentary –  2023 –  81 min
Spoken Language: English, Hebrew, German
Subtitles: English and Albanian

Synopsis: Yehiel De-Nur lived a life shrouded in secrecy, concealing his identity behind the pseudonym Ka.tzetnik. The books he wrote sold millions of copies and shaped the way readers worldwide imagined the Holocaust.

Despite attempts by reporters and researchers to uncover his true identity, he remained elusive. The rumors claimed that he writes all night long, in complete solitude, wearing his prisoner uniform from Auschwitz and burning his manuscripts by morning – turning him into a myth.

During the explosive Eichmann trial, Ka.tzetnik was forced to reveal his identity to the public as he is summoned to testify. In his iconic testimony, Ka.tzetnik withdraws to another dimension, coining Auschwitz as “The Other Planet” before collapsing on the stand, shocking the court and viewers worldwide.

Haunted by new nightmares rooted in his testimony, Ka.tzetnik turns to experimental LSD treatment in the Netherlands. For over a year, he repeatedly visits his memories of Auschwitz, yearning to find clarity and peace. Eventually, the treatments lead him to a new perception of Auschwitz, which he publishes in his last book, “I Am the SS Man”. The film explores the Ka.tzetnik enigma, shedding light on the person behind the myth, struggling to reconcile his traumatic past and return from The Other Planet.

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