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The School

Since 2008, AFMM is a full member of CILECT (Centre de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinéma et Télévision), world’s major film-schools association, after a process of recognition and professional inspections.

As the first film-school in Albania founded in Tirana in October 2004 by OraFilm Production Company, with the support of the Albanian Filmmakers Association Lumière, it also operates in accordance with the Law on Cinematography no. 8096, date 21.03.1996 changed with the Law no. 9353 date 03.03.2005. AFMM is a non public institution of higher education recognized by the Albanian Government as the Academy of Film & Multimedia Marubi with Special Status, according to the Decision of Council of Ministers Nr.229 dt.26.04.2018 (VKM 229 dt 26042018), and accredited by the Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education with decisions Nr.227 date 26.05.2008, Nr.111 date 15.12.2017, and lately decision nr.2 date 24.01.2020, until 23/01/2025.

  • Discovering, preparing and qualifying of young talents in Film and Audio – Visual Industry.
  • The exchange of regional contacts and  skills between new talents in South – Eastern Europe.
  • Improvement of technical and creative capacities in the region.
  • Improvement of economic, commercial and artistic figures in Albania and in the region.
  • Revitalization of industrial film process.
  • Providing qualified technicians for media and film industry.

Teaching methodology is based on Theoretical Lessons and Practical Assignments inspired on the best tradition of European and American Film and Audio Visual Industry.

AFMM works with 16 Albanian Professors and Professionals as well as many foreign Professors and Professionals from all around the world.

Lessons are held in Albanian mainly, but as well in English, German, French and Italian.

Students are involved by rotation in practice, in all the chain of production, digital and optical, Image and Sound.

Repartition of funds – Orafilm shpk (AFMM).

Every year, in its budget Orafilm shpk (AFMM) foresees how it will use the funds, which are divided in 3 main categories, as follows:

  1. Expenditures for Human Resources
  2. Expenditures for Cinematographic projects
  3. Expenditures for Equipment

The item Expenditures for Human Resources is the most important item and represents an average of 41% of the use of the funds. In this item are included:

  • Salary expenses for pedagogical staff and administrative staff
  • Expenses for social security contributions
  • Expenses for health insurance contributions
  • Fees and other teaching expenses.

The item Expenditures for Cinematographic projects represents an average of 37% of the use of the funds. In this item are included:

  • Human Resources Fees on projects
  • Screening fees for films
  • Membership in international and national organizations, associations.

The Item Expenditures for Equipment represents 20% of the use of funds.