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Criteria and procedure

Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria

According to your status (year of graduation from High school), you first have to apply online through the Ministry’s platform

Based on the Law on Higher Education 80/2015, the Statute and the regulation of the Academy of Film and Multimedia Marubi on the admission criteria, on the proposal of the Administrative Director and the Production Unit, the Academic Council of AFMM,


I. The first criteria is the minimum average evaluation required according to the DCM for enrolment in Bachelor study programs in the fields of arts in Higher Education Institutions in Albania

Admission in AFMM is done in 2 phases.

II. The application for the admission contest at the Academy of Film and Multimedia Marubi is made by submitting the application file, which contains::
  1. Completed and signed Application Form
  2. a Curriculum Vitae
  3. High School Diploma (Albanian Matura Shtetërore) together with grades certificate; or High school transcript from foreign school, equivalenced by the Ministry of Education of Albania; or high school graduation certificate (candidates graduated before 2011); as well as the relevant certificates, issued by the Center of Educational Services;
  4. 2 ID Photo,
  5. Photocopy of identification (ID card or passport),
  6. and if any, certificate of foreign language.
III. After completing the dossier, the candidates are accepted in the admission competition which takes place in three stages in front of the admission commission in AFMM:
  1. test for general culture (oral),
  2. test for cinematographic culture (written),
  3. a photographic exercise with 3 photos / story.
  4. The language that the candidate claims to speak is also tested, in case of lack of a certificate.
Procedure 2022-2023

Application procedure for First Round, academic Year 2022-2023, starts according to decision between the Educational Services Centre and the Inter-institutional Center of the Albanian  Academic Network

To have access to the platform, go to the gymnasium where you graduated.

For more information on the procedure, go to

The list of applicants to the First Round Contest will be published on the 5 August.
The First Round Contest will take place on the week of 22 August 2022.

Attention ! Only applicants within the list are allowed to take the contest.
You have to apply on the ministry’s platform between 29 July and 3 August 2022

Calendar of applications 2022: Kalendari_Aplikimit_2022_Ualbania


Since 2016, a new procedure for application in High Education Institutions is applied by the Ministry of Education of Albania. Please for full procedure refer to the official web pages and

Candidates have to dully fill the A1/A1Z forms at their high school secretariat or Regional Education Direction, which will enter the average grade on the online system.

The average grade will be calculated according to the Decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania.

Candidates who apply to be admitted in study programs in the field of Art, as well as candidates of Albanian origin from the Republic of Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Presheva, Medveja and Bujanovci are exempt from the obligation to meet the average grade criterion.