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Masterclass with Boris Mitić – “How to film nothing”

Masterclass with Boris Mitić – “How to film nothing”

Në bashkëpunimin me TIFF-Tirana International Film Festival, Akademia e Filmit dhe Multimedias Marubi ju mirëpret për Masterclass-in e regjisorin të dokumentarëve Boris Mitić “How to film nothing”.

In cooperation with TIFF-Tirana International Film Festival, the Academy of Film & Multimedias Marubi has the pleasure to invite you to a masterclass”How to film nothing” with documentaries director Boris Mitić.

HOW TO FILM NOTHING – A lecture by Boris Mitić

An inspiring overview of the creative & production challenges of making IN PRAISE OF NOTHING, a whistleblowing documentary parody about Nothing, in which Nothing, tired of being misunderstood, runs away from home and comes to address us for the first & last time.

The global project started in bankrupt Serbia as a pure rhetorical provocation by a self-taught filmmaker and took 8 years to make, shuffling its way through 20.000 pages of a most eclectic bibliography, which ended up being distilled, to its author’s great surprise, in childish verse narration, read by Iggy Pop, scored by cabaret grandmasters The Tiger Lillies and illustrated by ‘documentary footage of Nothing’, filmed in 70 countries by 62 cinematographers, superstars and beginners alike, who first got carte blanche and then increasingly precise instructions from the director, as collectively discussed through a unique custom-made anonymous online brainstorm platform.

The film eventually got record domestic support, co-production funding from a politically antagonistic country, highly competitive French film monies, the first ever European Union grant to a Serbian film project, art-world support from Geneva to Buenos Aires, IDFA’s production grant and prebuys from eight European broadcasters, including a web-series version. It premiered in Locarno, secured German, UK & US theatrical distribution and ultimately a selection in IDFA’s Masters 2017.

Boris Mitić is playing blitz chess for money, that he then spends on breakfast. 4 films, 200+ festivals, 20 awards, 20+ broadcasters, global lecturing track record.

Filmography: Pretty Dyana (2003), Unmik Titanik (2004), Goodbye, How Are You? (2009), In Praise of Nothing (2017)



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