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“Babai” directed by Visar Morina

“Babai” directed by Visar Morina

In cooperation with the Goethe Center in Tirana

Babai” (The Father)
Directed by Visar Morina
Drama – 2015 – Kosova, Germany, Macedonia, France – 104 min
screened in Albanian language with German subtitles
Cast: Val Maloku, Astrit Kabashi, Adriana Matoshi, Enver Petrovci, Xhevdet Jashari, etc.


Synopsis: Kosovo in the 1990s, before the Serbian attack and the war that followed: Ten-year-old Nori and his father Gezim make a living by illegally selling smuggled cigarettes. Gezim is determined to go to Germany, even if this means leaving his son behind with relatives. For a long time, Nori tries to stay with his father, but it’s all in vain. In the end, the boy embarks on a long and dangerous journey to find Gezim in Germany. They’d both imagined the reunion rather differently. A real chance at a better future is not in sight.


This screening is organised in cooperation with the Goethe Institute, the Goethe Center in Tirana dhe the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Albania, in the frame of the German Thursday Films program for academic year 2016-2017.


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