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Online Film-making Training for Young Film-makers 
2020 – Part 1

Online Film-making Training for Young Film-makers 
2020 – Part 1

Youth Artivists For Change (YAC) and International Human Rights Film Festival Albania (IHRFFA):
Online Film-making Training for Young Film-makers
June 22-26 2020

This workshop is designed to enable young activists who want to become film-makers, emerging film-makers and visual artists and will be conducted by Stichting art.1 and experts from the international film festival circuit.

It will have two parts. This is the first part of the training.

1. Participants will be working individually and in groups through platforms such as Zoom and Facebook.

2. The same participants that will attend this first online training sessions will carry on later in the year during the second part of the training to produce and shoot their scripts. That gives them the opportunity to apply everything they will learn during this online workshop.

In this online sessions, the participants are going to be learning about:
a. Script writing
b. Storytelling + artivism through film
c. Film scenario
d. Fiction films and documentary films
e. Character analysis
f. Crew members and roles
g. Editing

Having the ability to focus on these elements during the online session will give the participants time and space to gather the elements of their actual film production during the 2nd term of the workshop. The participants will come back to meet each other personally and work in teams to produce the work that they have been working on during the online sessions.

This means that participants who agree to be part of the online training now have to agree that they will commit to participate to the second chapter of the training which will happen by the end of the year.
The second part of the training that will require physical presence will take place in Tirana, Albania.
We estimate to have 10 short films/short documentary and fiction films.
These films are supposed to discuss and talk about topics such as human rights and LGBTQ+ rights.

The trainer of the entire training course is Saleem Salameh from The Netherlands.

The working language is English.

To apply, fill in the google form before June 15th.

Accepted applicants will be contacted via e-mail/phone.

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