AFMM | Akademia e Filmit dhe Multimedias Marubi
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Xhirrimi i Emiljos_Shkurt 2016

AFMM aims

  • Discovering, preparing and qualifying of young talents in Film and Audio – Visual Industry.
  • The exchange of regional contacts and  skills between new talents in South – Eastern Europe.
  • Improvement of technical and creative capacities in the region.
  • Improvement of economic, commercial and artistic figures in Albania and in the region.
  • Revitalization of industrial film process.
  • Providing qualified technicians for media and film industry.
Xhirrim Cak

AFMM Methodology

Teaching methodology is based on Theoretical Lessons and Practical Assignments inspired on the best tradition of European and American Film and Audio Visual Industry.

AFMM has 18 Albanian Professors and Professionals as well as 23 foreign Professors and active Professionals from all around the world.

Lessons are held in Albanian, English, German, French and Italian.

Students are involved by rotation in practice, in all the chain of production, digital and optical, Image and Sound.

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Anyone who is Albanian speaker, has graduated from High School, is above 18 years old, can apply at the AFMM. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to know a foreign language like English, French, German or Italian. After registration procedures through Ministry of Education’s Portal, you will be eligible to take the AFMM contest. Because of its specific and practice program, less than 20 students can be registered each year.


Year Of Foundation


Happy Graduates


Offered Courses


Public Cultural Events

Administrative Offices

AFMM is located inside the former state film studios in the area of Tirana called Kinostudio.

About the University

AFMM is a public independent film school, founded in 2004 in Tirana, Albania.

Academic Experience

AFMM hosts free public cultural events all along the academic year.

Professional Education

AFMM offers film qualification, education and formation.

  • The Production Unit

    The production unit of AFMM is organised and assisted by OraFilm.

    The equipment park is upgraded and maintained under OraFilm responsibility.

  • Libraries and filmarchives

    Around 10000 books are at students disposal on the AFMM campus.

    Same amount of films in DVD, VHS and BetaCam, are also at student disposal inside the campus. The National Film Archive of Albania is just a few meters away from the film school campus.

  • Enrolment 2016 – 2017

    As a new procedure and upon new Law on High Education, enrolment for academic year 2016-2017 can only be made online through official portal of the Ministry of Education.



In film we trust!